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At the Children’s Allergy Doctors clinic, the health and safety of your toddler is our number one priority. Our team has years of experience specialising in the area of allergy testing and caring for children. Our staff of highly qualified paediatricians is led by Dr Brough, founder of the clinic and leader of the UK’s largest children’s allergy service. Her landmark research and studies are widely regarded, and as a parent, she knows how important it is to work with parents instead of leaving them in the dark.

We use state of the art technology and advanced testing techniques to ensure that no stone is left unturned and that the standard of medical care your toddler receives is second to none. We also offer excellent facilities to make sure that you and your toddler feel comfortable and cared for. 

Conditions We Treat For Toddlers

We treat a wide range of different allergy-related conditions for children of all ages. We have a number of methods to ensure that we can detect, treat and manage these conditions, including a range of tests, management options, prevention and treatment methods such as desensitisation. For toddlers, we treat conditions such as:

Toddler Allergy Services We Offer

Our team has years of experience in providing the best in toddler allergy care to get to the root cause. Having done so, they will be able to determine the best way to manage and treat their condition effectively. At Children’s Allergy Doctors, we offer the following services for toddlers:

Toddler Allergy Tests

Our clinic offers an array of allergy tests for your toddler that will help identify the cause and determine the best course of action to effectively manage their condition. First, we will examine your toddler and ask for their medical and family history. If needed, we will then request an allergy test.

The tests that we offer are:

  • Skin prick tests: A small number of possible allergens are dropped onto your toddler’s arm, and then the skin is given a little scratch. If the skin reacts, we know that your toddler is allergic. This is used for suspected food or environmental allergies, and it is one of the easiest and most effective tests. 
  • Blood tests: We offer blood tests to look for specific allergic reactions, other conditions associated with urticaria (hives) and to screen for any nutritional or immune deficiencies. We can do this on the same day as your visit, and the results will normally take a few days to come back.
  • Patch tests: This test helps us to see what could be causing a delayed allergic reaction. A patch with a small amount of the suspected allergen is applied and is left for 48 hours. This test is usually to diagnose skin allergies and non IgE-mediated food allergies
  • Elimination method: This test is used to identify food allergies. Your paediatrician will recommend a diet that removes suspected allergens from your toddler’s meals to see if this helps with issues such as diarrhoea, nausea, constipation and so on. 
  • Screening for nutritional or immune deficiencies: We also offer blood tests to find out whether your toddler is suffering from deficiencies in their diet or in their immune system. 

Toddler Allergy Management

Once our team has identified the cause of an allergic reaction, the next step is planning for how we can manage their condition. We have experience in allergy management for a range of different conditions and can help to make sure that their life is affected as little as possible while steering them away from risk factors.

For example, we would recommend that a toddler with asthma is flu vaccinated and that you keep a record of their attacks to identify potential triggers. We would also review your toddler’s asthma plan on an annual basis. 

With eczema, our team can recommend what kind of products to avoid using, such as detergents and can advise on the best treatment to soothe irritated skin, such as medicated paste bandages. 

With food allergies, our dieticians will help you to avoid food triggers by giving you the resources and skills that you need. We can also teach you what to do in case your toddler is exposed to one of these foods and train you in the use of an injector pen if necessary. 

Toddler Allergy Desensitisation

Desensitisation is a relatively new technique in allergy treatment, especially in food allergy treatment, but it does get results. Originally, it was a very common practice for treating environmental allergens such as pollen and grass (which we also offer), but it has recently been used more and more for treating food allergies. 

With this method, the allergen is gradually introduced to help the body to reduce the allergic symptoms. For example, under a doctor’s supervision, increasing amounts of the food would be incorporated into your toddler’s diet. With hay fever desensitisation, drops or small tablets are used on a daily basis. This approach alters the way the body reacts to these allergens. Our team will help you through this process gradually, starting at the clinic and then moving the treatment to home.

Benefits Of Choosing Children’s Allergy Doctors

We know that your toddler’s health is the most important thing in the world to you. That is why we are so proud of our dedicated team of award-winning expert paediatricians and our state-of-the-art facilities, where we know you will feel comfortable

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