Eczema Eczema is a common dry skin condition that varies across individuals and comes in…

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Immediate (IgE-mediated) food allergies

Food allergy There are two types of food allergy; which type depends on whether or…

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Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis is a serious and severe allergic reaction where symptoms can get rapidly worse.…

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Pollen food syndrome

Pollen food syndrome Pollen food syndrome (also called oral allergy syndrome) and is when a…

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Delayed (non-IgE mediated) food allergies

Delayed (non-IgE mediated) food allergies There are two types of food allergy; which type depends…

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Eosinophilic gut disease

Eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease Eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease (EGID) has been increasingly diagnosed over the past ten…

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Asthma and wheeze

Asthma Asthma is a very common long-term condition affecting the airways carrying air in and…

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Hay-fever (pollen allergy)

Hay-fever Hay-fever is caused by an allergy to pollen, usually tree or grass pollen. Hay-fever…

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House dust mite allergy

House dust mite allergy People spend a lot of time indoors and are exposed to…

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Animal dander allergy

Animal dander allergy You can be allergic to a wide range of animals, including cats,…

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Sinusitis Your sinuses are the air-filled spaces in the bones around your nose, behind your…

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Drug allergy

Drug allergy Because of the way drugs work, it is normal for some people to…

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Insect sting allergy

Insect sting allergy It is quite normal to have pain, local redness and swelling at…

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Urticaria Urticaria consists of itchy pink or white raised areas of skin resembling a nettle…

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