Hayfever Desensitisation

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Hayfever desensitisation

When children with hay fever or other environmental allergens do not respond well to the usual treatment of antihistamines, nasal steroid sprays and eye drops, desensitisation (also known as immunotherapy) can help.  Immunotherapy is a “disease modifying” treatment and involves administering doses of an allergen extract (e.g. pollen). It works by altering the body’s immune response to allergens.

In our clinic we offer sublingual immunotherapy for a wide range of environmental allergens, including grass and tree pollens, house dust mite, animal danders and moulds. Either drops or a small tablet are administered under the tongue daily. This treatment is very safe and reduces the child’s allergic responses to the allergen, and may even prevent the development of new environmental allergies and asthma. This treatment is started with us in clinic but then is continued at home, and we provide a package of care to patients undergoing this treatment.


What parents say:

“Fantastic. We are pleased with the treatment and the outcomes, and advice and information given.”


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