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At the forefront of research in the prevention and treatment of food allergy

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We could not recommend Dr Brough highly enough. From our very first consultation, on behalf of our baby daughter, we were immediately put at ease as it was clear that we were in the hands of a real expert. We were given all the time we needed to ask as many questions as we wanted and for each were given a really thorough response. On confirming her diagnoses, Dr Brough immediately put an action plan in to place, which removed a lot of our stress and worry as we felt confident that we had finally found a doctor who not only took our daughter's situation seriously but would do everything in her power to help her. Although we were referred for allergies and eczema, Dr Brough was the first person to notice our daughter's heart murmur, which had been missed by several other medical professionals during her first 6 months' of life. This is testament to Dr Brough's attention to detail and we are so grateful to be under her care.

Verified patient through Doctify – 13.08.20

As the mother of the patient, I am happy that my daughter's concerns were considered at all times. My daughter was treated beautifully and the doctor's bedside manner was impeccable - especially with such a young patient. I also think that we were able to rule out certain concerns whilst finding topical solutions for the severe eczema, which was the primary reason for the visit. Thank you Dr Brough.

Verified patient through Doctify – 24.06.20

Dr Helen is helping me to find the causes of my daughter frequent illness, and has already suggested a treatment that is working for her eczema. She has been very compassionate and intelligent to find out what my daughter needs are. My daughter has history of wheezing, Dr Helen already made a plan to prevent it. We feel very supported and hopeful that my daughter’s health will improve. We already see with more clarity how can we help our daughter. I have no reservations recommending Dr Helen.

Verified patient through Doctify – 17.06.20

We had two appointments with Dr Brough to discuss our sons allergies. She was professional and thorough in her approach and advice. She gave us clear advice and instruction on the management of his allergies and eczema. His eczema is now well managed and she devised a clear treatment plan for his allergies. We found her to be very knowledgeable and experienced and she provided us with resources to take away which have also proved very useful. We would definitely recommend Dr Brough to other parents.

Verified patient through Doctify – 16.06.20

I found Dr Brough to be extremely thorough, meticulous and detailed. We went to see her to discuss immunotherapy , but she picked up a few other things that proved to be well worth examining. She was extremely patient with questions and , probably most importantly, continues to show the same dedication and details in all follow up correspondence. I cannot rate Dr Brough highly enough.

Verified patient through Doctify – 10.06.20

With Dr Brough's comprehensive help my baby's eczema is now very well controlled, and his food allergies identified and being managed. She is thorough, approachable, and very happy to answer questions. With her it feels like my baby is in a very safe pair of hands - for which I'm very grateful!

Verified patient through Doctify – 08.06.20

I could not recommend Dr Helen Brough and her secretaries enough, especially Hayley who has always been so helpful and efficient, I have spoken to her so much over the last month I feel like she is my new friend! Their service in such an uncertain time with COVID 19 has been outstanding. I could not fault it. My four month old baby boy Leo had started coming out in rashes all over his body, itching and was so uncomfortable. After going backwards and forwards to the GP for over month and not getting anywhere, I felt helpless and exhausted. I did some research on Paediatricians and came across Helen and I am so pleased I did. After reading about her inspiring career I booked an appointment and had one within a few days!! Dr Brough is very professional and has a lovely calming way about her. I have found this to be so important as learning about allergies and eczema on top of being a new Mum can be a little overwhelming. Leo’s skin is amazing and we now know all the things he is allergic to and how to help him! We look forward to our consultations with Dr Brough and Allergy tests with Victoria! Could not recommend them both enough!

Verified patient through Doctify – 03.06.20

Dr Brough helped get to the bottom of my daughters ongoing runny nose and cough symptoms and was very kind and professional.

Verified patient through Doctify – 06.05.20

Dr Brough is kind, compassionate and very experienced! I am glad we met her, she was able to sort out all the problems my son had (he used to get ill every 3 weeks) requesting the right blood test and prescribing the right Medications. She also looks after her patients in all the aspects (not just immunological) but also general well-being. I would highly recommend her!

Verified patient through Doctify – 23.04.20

Very easy to connect - through the link received on email, entered the code and was in right away. Video quality is decent enough, audio was very clear. Dr Brough is a fantastic specialist, genuinely cares, patient and provides advice in a very clear, concise and easy to understand manner. Given the unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in at the moment, my wife and I are very grateful for the technology to allow video consultations, makes a huge difference. I highly recommend given we are all asked to 'stay at home'.

Verified patient through Doctify – 24.03.20

Very thorough and supportive with our daughters delayed food allergies / intolerances. Dr Helen listened carefully and provided practical advice.

Verified patient through Doctify – 10.03.20

It was helpful, interesting and I felt very comfortable and they were all very friendly. I also learnt lots of information about how to help my allergies.

Verified patient through Doctify – 19.02.20

My experience with Dr. Brough has been informative, thorough and helpful. I will highly recommend her to anyone in need of an Allergist

Verified patient through Doctify – 19.02.20

Professional, listens to parents concerns, thorough and very pleasant. Lovely with patients. Highly recommend Dr Brough and her team.

Verified patient through Doctify – 18.02.20

She is very kind, very informative about the whole process through the allergies of my baby. Very supportive and had answered all my questions. Feeling more confident about feeding my baby now. Recommended 100%.

Verified patient through Doctify – 11.02.20

She is very helpful and friendly. She helped put us at ease as I was very nervous. She answered all our questions. I enjoyed our visit.

Verified patient through Doctify – 17.01.20

Very lovely indeed, explained everything very clearly.

Verified patient through Doctify – 07.01.20

Dr Brough was very personable and explained the treatment in very simple terms.

Verified patient through Doctify – 15.01.20

Very lovely indeed, explained everything very clearly.

Verified patient through Doctify – 07.01.20

Very detailed attention, clear explanations of how the allergies work and what the way forward is. Very reassuring.

Verified patient through Doctify – 21.12.19

Today's appointment was very informative, she went over and above our expectations to help resolve our ongoing issues, we feel a step closer to finding out a solution.

Verified patient through Doctify – 23.11.19

Helen was very understanding of how my allergies have effected my ability to deal with possible allergies in my children. She and her clinician were calming and friendly and informative. I will be coming back to finish off the testing, and coming back to get myself re-tested.

Verified patient through Doctify – 19.11.19

She was incredibly helpful, professional and gave us clear and straight forward advice about how to manage a dairy allergy. Would highly recommend her to anyone.

Verified patient through Doctify – 19.11.19

Dr Helen Brough was extremely thorough when dealing with our little boys eczema. She answered all our questions and gave us lots of help and advice. We would highly recommend as many of the doctors we saw did not recognise that our child’s skin was infected.

Verified patient through Doctify – 12.11.19

Very pleased with thorough diagnosis and identification of EBV which our previous clinician had missed.

Verified patient through Doctify – 06.11.19

Superb experience both from perspective of patient & mum. Thorough, brilliant at listening to mum and considering all angles to get to the nub of the issue, and excellent at explaining in layman terms the results of all tests. We saw Dr Brough to examine the possibility of an allergy linked to underlying coeliac disease and her expertise in this field as well as general allergy was exactly what we needed. Most grateful, thank you.

Verified patient through Doctify – 26.10.19

We took our daughter to see Dr Brough for allergies and she and her team were outstanding. They made us feel very comfortable and were very helpful. Dr Brough provided helpful information and even helped us on other matters she picked up on while examining our daughter. We would highly recommend Dr Brough and her team.

Verified patient through Doctify – 26.10.19

Really exceptional experience with Dr Brough. She has been extremely professional, friendly, and provided really practical help. We were very apprehensive prior to this allergy testing experience but we’ve been so thrilled with Dr Brough and her expertise. We're very grateful to have seen her.

Verified patient through Doctify – 22.10.19

Dr Brough always listens and respects our input as parents. We are happy to have finally found a doctor that we trust.

Verified patient through Doctify – 24.09.19

Our appointment with Dr Brough was incredibly reassuring. We feel much better informed and Dr Brough has been nothing short of amazing in putting together a future plan for our sons allergy diagnosis and management.

Verified patient through Doctify – 24.09.19

Helen was incredibly thorough and informative in her review of my son. I felt that everything was clearly explained with a solid action plan for moving forward. No questions I had were made to seem trivial and I feel confident that my child is under the best care.

Verified patient through Doctify – 20.08.19

I was very worried about my daughter and her allergic reaction but Dr Brough has made me feel much more confident about getting to the bottom of it. I felt in really safe hands and Dr Brough was very knowledgeable. She was great with my young daughter, who was at ease throughout. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Verified patient through Doctify – 13.08.19

We are comfortable with Dr Helen and we went through the appointment and understand every detail I’m so glad that I found this doctor and I am very pleased

Verified patient through Doctify – 13.08.19

Absolutely lovely lady who took the time to discuss in detail with me my daughter’s allergy to peanuts and strategies to use to avoid potential nut allergies in the future. Dr Brough is extremely personable and thorough in her approach and I’d recommend her to anyone.

Verified patient through Doctify – 14.07.19

She is very knowledgeable and really understands the challenges that parents go through whilst managing their children’s allergies.

Verified patient through Doctify – 14.07.19

Absolutely lovely lady who took the time to discuss in detail with me my daughter’s allergy to peanuts and strategies to use to avoid potential nut allergies in the future. Dr Brough is extremely personable and thorough in her approach and I’d recommend her to anyone.

Verified patient through Doctify – 14.07.19

Great experience. Very kind and thorough

Verified patient through Doctify – 07.07.19

Very lovely with my son, well explained advice, very trustworthy, good with kids and parents alike

Verified patient through Doctify – 28.06.19

Was very informative about allergies and a great manner with younger patients.

Verified patient through Doctify – 16.06.19

Very clear advice, thorough review of my child’s health as part of our visits which is reassuring. Delighted my son is in her care.

Verified patient through Doctify – 16.06.19

Dr. Brough has been most helpful in helping us deal with and treat my sons allergy. She is proactive in treating and very kind in answering all questions. I’m very grateful for her service.

Verified patient through Doctify – 09.06.19

She answered all our questions thoroughly and took the time to hear our list of symptoms. We didn’t feel rushed and nothing we mentioned seemed irrelevant.

Verified patient through Doctify – 28.05.19

Everything exceeded our expectations

Verified patient through Doctify – 28.05.19

Dr. Brough is patient, thoughtful and thorough in her approach. She’s got great bedside manner and was a hit with our 5 month old son. I really appreciated how she helped to explain everything to us and made somewhat complicated elements very simple and manageable.

Verified patient through Doctify – 28.04.19

She was very friendly, professional and easy to talk to. Provided explanations for everything that she thought was going on and the investigations she recommended to be done. My daughter also liked her very much.

Verified patient through Doctify – 17.04.19

Dr Brough has provided excellent care to my 2 year old son over the course of many months of allergy testing and diagnosis. She has showed a genuine interest in my son’s treatment and I have always felt involved in the testing and treatment decisions. Dr Brough takes the time to explain the testing, issues and proposed treatment plan at each appointment. Her explanations are clear and she is always happy to answer any questions. I would highly recommend her.

Verified patient through Doctify – 26.03.19

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Children’s Allergy Doctors are able to offer face-to-face appointments including allergy testing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are also able to offer telephone and secure video consultations. Prescriptions can be delivered directly to your home.

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