Eczema management

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Eczema management

Whilst atopic eczema cannot be cured, there are many ways to manage it.  Interestingly as children get older, many will see their eczema improve or clear, however they will nearly always continue to have dry skin, so should continue to avoid irritants, such as detergents, soaps etc.

Even when allergens do not cause eczema, many children’s eczema is not as well managed as it could be, and that expert advice on treatment can be helpful to gaining better control.

Treatment for eczema ranges from steroid creams to other medicines if these did not work, or if you could not use them due to side effects. This may include the use of medicated paste bandages to soothe and protect your skin, which is especially effective on young children and can help limit scratching. There is also the option of ultraviolet light treatment, known as phototherapy.


Dr Brough did an incredibly thorough examination of my baby’s skin to formulate a plan to combat her atopic eczema. She prescribed lotions, moisturisers and ointments that we hadn’t tried previously. We saw results overnight. I had forgotten how soft a baby’s skin should feel. It felt like a miracle!