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Peanut Allergy

Nov 9, 2020

In this RCGP podcast on peanut allergy Dr Toni Hazell talks to Professor Helen Brough, Consultant in paediatric allergy at the Evelina children’s hospital. They discuss the prevalence of peanut allergy and how to deal with a patient who presents with a possible allergy, including the question of whether to give an adrenaline auto-injector while they are waiting to see a consultant. They also cover the LEAP study, the results of which have allowed paediatricians to confidently recommend that children with a family history of peanut allergy should be exposed to peanuts early, potentially preventing them developing allergies themselves.

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Why am I Allergic?
Dated: 31/05/2019

This podcast was created to dispel some myths about allergies and provide information on eczema, food allergy, asthma, hay fever and pet allergy.

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