Why choose us

Why Choose Us?

Children’s Allergy Doctors is a team of specialists who are dedicated to providing the best care and support for you and your children. We aim to be with you every step of the way, from diagnosis of allergic conditions through to helping you manage them for your child. 

Founded by Professor Helen Brough in the year 2019, our team also includes Dr Erika Harnik, consultant in paediatric allergy & immunology and Dr Andreina Marques Mejias, specialist doctor in paediatric allergy. We pride ourselves on providing a broad set of expertise across the Paediatric Allergen and Clinical  Immunology field – consisting of research, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care. 

Our doctors work alongside our team of 3 clinical nurse specialists to deliver the utmost quality of care and support for you and your children.

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As parents, we know how distressing and concerned a parent can be when dealing with their child’s condition.  All of our consultations are child-centred and we will always give you and your child enough time to fully discuss all concerns, guiding and supporting you both through treatment plans. We pride ourselves that a common thread across all my reviews is that we are thorough and take time to explain conditions and treatments with all our patients.

Sometimes parents can find it hard to remember all the information that is discussed during their child’s consultation. So, we always follow up every appointment with a consultation letter, detailing everything that was discussed during your consultation.


Our team

At Children’s Allergy Doctors, we make it easy for you to select an appointment with me and a time that suits you. All appointments can be directly booked online, or by telephone.

We have an experienced Practice Manager and four Medical Secretaries who manage the secretarial, billing and administration of our practice. From appointment booking, communicating with parents, assisting with queries, or taking payments, we are dedicated to providing an excellent, friendly service to every patient and will be able to answer any queries that you may have.


Clinical studies and publications:

Our team have published several landmark studies on the prevention and treatment of food allergy. We have published multiple original research articles, reviews as well as textbooks. We regularly present at international conferences on our work as leaders in this field.