Allergy diagnosis

Allergy diagnosis Skin prick allergy testing scratches the skin, rather than puncturing or piercing it…

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Eczema management

Eczema management Whilst atopic eczema cannot be cured, there are many ways to manage it.…

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Food allergy prevention

Food allergy prevention The last few years have seen a substancial shift in our understanding…

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Food allergy management

Food allergy management Food allergy management is the cornerstone of this practice. We aim to…

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Food allergy desensitisation

Food allergy desensitisation Food allergy desensitisation is an exciting new development, as previously the only…

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Asthma management

Asthma management It is important to have a proper diagnosis or asthma and management plan.…

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Hayfever desensitisation

Hayfever desensitisation When children with hay fever or other environmental allergens do not respond well…

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Hayfever management

Allergic rhinitis Allergic rhinitis is also referred to as hay fever, nasal allergy or pollinosis.…

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COVID-19 Notice

Children’s Allergy Doctors are able to offer face-to-face appointments including allergy testing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are also able to offer telephone and secure video consultations. Prescriptions can be delivered directly to your home.

We wish you all good health and stay safe!